Just Listening and Speaking Upper-Intermediate

Just Listening and Speaking Upper-Intermediate

Author: Jeremy Harmer & Carol Lethaby
Publisher: Marshall Cavendish Education
File size: 19.6 + 72.8
File type: pdf+mp3

Just Listening and Speaking is organized with 18 units of Listening, each with two authentic or "semi-authentic" passages on the accompanying CD. There are a variety of tasks: gap fill, charts, True/False, matching, as well as comprehension questions, vocabulary work and an occasional follow-up writing task. The answer key is included.
The Speaking section is divided into 4 parts and relies heavily on listening, repeating, recording and comparing. The big plus is the variety of speaking exercises the authors have included. From news reports and answering machine messages to interviews and presentations, students have the opportunity to practice speaking in a meaningful way, even if they are studying on their own.
Especially good for those students who really want to work on perfecting their skills outside the classroom. They are well designed for self-study and could easily be used to supplement any main course text, including, naturally, the Just Right course. They are a welcome addition to my bookshelf for those students who say "Can you give me something extra?"





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